[GVMD] get_assets wrong error response

Hi people

Using GVM11 release versions.

When trying to get an asset:

gmp.get_asset(asset_id='some-inexistent-asset', asset_type=AssetType.HOST)


An error occurred ("Error in response. Failed to find type 'host'", <Element get_assets_response at 0x7fab268e4f48>)

Failed to find type ‘host’ is a wrong error response.
Everything is alright should the asset exist.

Two questions here:
Is this is a bug or am I missing something?
If it is a bug, where should I raise it and possibly look to fix it? src/gmp.c?

Last question. When using a filter in a function it just retrieves everything without filtering. F.i.:

gmp.get_assets(AssetType.HOST, filter="""asset_id='ee...' """)

What am I assuming/doing something?

Thank you!