GVMD_DATA - Too old (34 days) Please check the automatic synchronization of your system

Perfect … Thank you, much appreciate it.

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Hi Martin,

I had the same issue “GVMD_DATA-Too old” this week. Would you please help to confirm the automatic synchronization of your system?

This is my whole crontab job.
0 22 * * * /opt/gvm/bin/greenbone-nvt-sync
0 1 * * * sudo openvas --update-vt-info
0 7 * * * /opt/gvm/sbin/greenbone-feed-sync --type CERT
0 8 * * * /opt/gvm/sbin/greenbone-feed-sync --type SCAP
0 9 * * * /opt/gvm/sbin/greenbone-feed-sync --type GVMD_DATA

/opt/gvm/sbin/greenbone-feed-sync --type GVMD_DATA

If you use the free Greenbone Community Feed, GVMD_DATA version 20210503T0647 is currently the newest version available and expected behaviour.

We will try to push an update soon to get rid of the notification, but I have no ETA right now.


We have now released an update for this. Please run another feed sync and you should receive GVMD_DATA version 20210603T0746.


Thanks Martin !

Many thanks Martin!!

Run feed sync /opt/gvm/sbin/greenbone-scapdata-sync and update GVMD_DATA 20210603T0746 successfully.

Hello Community,

I’m having the same issue with the feeds on GVMD_DATA. I’m getting Too old (30 days) even though I’m running all the above recommendations.

OS: Ubuntu 20.04
Installation method / source: OpenVAS 21.4.3

Could someone confirm that this is the latest version for GVM_DATA?

Thank you in advance!

Same here @momferatus.
Just doublechecked by running the sync manually

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Only one sync per time, otherwise the source ip will be temporarily blocked.

receiving incremental file list
             13 100%   12.70kB/s    0:00:00 (xfr#1, to-chk=0/1)

sent 43 bytes  received 108 bytes  100.67 bytes/sec
total size is 13  speedup is 0.09

Same here GVMD_DATA too old here too.

Hi @rroethof and @jchrichton,

The discussed issue was presented a few months ago, but the solution is only on the Greenbone community feed administrator side. You can proceed with a “hack” on how to rewrite the date and avoid the message “Too old” but it is not a solution, just a “hack”.
I can confirm the same behavior at this time.

see my post here on how to achieve it:

I believe in the fast solution on Feed.

Hi all,

it looks like the feed itself is older so that message will be there for now until it’s updated on the Greenbone end (no ETA, but soonish).

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I have the same issue


I thought this was the issue that was causing me not to get any ports listed in the dropdown, however, it was not the cause as I re-installed Kali using the full install and GVM and now everything is working. Still showing too old but scanner works finally!


It should be resolved (for now) with the feed of 20211213T1700



I can confirm! It’s working for me :laughing:


Hello, it seems to be a recurrent issue: from my side, the service reports:

" GVMD_DATA Greenbone Community gvmd Data Feed 20220128T1556 Too old (30 days) Please check the automatic synchronization of your system."

Do I have to wait for updating?


I am having the same issue with our system today as well.


for now you can ignore this message. There should be no newer update. The gvmd data (report formats, scan configs, policies and port lists) are only updated on demand at our side. Therefore the “too old” message is misleading.

Just for your information, this will change in one or two month because we are currently reworking the deployment of this data internally.


Thanks for clarifying!

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thank you for the update