GVMD_DATA feed status too old

Good morning everyone. This is the first time I write in this forum.

I use GVM under Kali Linux VM.


Kali release 2022.2
GSA Release 21.4.3

For some time now, when I update my Feeds, I’ve been notified about GVMD_DATA. In essence, it is reported that its version is too old (89 days, in my case).

The version in question is 20220128T1556

No problem for the other feeds, which update without problems.

How can I be sure that the version of GVMD_DATA I am using is still the latest?

I thank those who will help me.


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Please see the answers to this question (which have been asked quite some time in this forum already) available e.g. here:

A post was split to a new topic: “Report outdated / end-of-life Scan Engine / Environment (local)”

The Greenbone team could change that message, as every time I look at this I get a little anxious and in the doubt “what if this time there’s a problem here”.

Please see the following answer given in the previously posted link:

Just for your information, this will change in one or two month because we are currently reworking the deployment of this data internally.