GVM11 CVE Scan no results

Hello guys, when I run a CVE Scan automatically it finishes without any results. I’ve tested with different targets. Checking the logs there is no error, only messages that the Scan was started and then ended. What could it be? Scans with the OpenVAS Scanner are working normally. The list of NVTs contains 61319 registrations, the list of CVEs contains 147979 registrants and the list of CPEs contains 663620 registrants. What can I check to resolve the issue? Thank you very much.

Did you make sure to have CPE info about the hosts in the target from an earlier scan of the target with the default scanner?

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Thanks for the answer, I didn’t know I had to do a scan before. I’m doing one but it’s taking too long to finish. Is there a faster scan so you can just check the CPEs and do a scan for CVEs? I’m using OpenVAS Scanner - OpenVAS Default (Port List) and Full and Fast. Is there any other way to make it faster? Thank you very much.

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