GVM Setup Syntax (Kali Linux)

I know that GVM’s setup in Kali Linux has been rough lately to say the least. I just wanted to post this to hopefully help anyone who is still having issues or is just getting started. Assuming you are working with Kali Linux and all of your packages are up-to-date. GVM is most likely already running, before you even try to set it up, so the first thing I do is sudo gvm-stop to make sure all services related to it are stopped. Then run sudo gvm-setup to begin setup. NOTE: after you run that command it will give you a password, copy it and don’t lose it. If you try to run sudo gvm-check-setup after the previous command finished, and the setup is not complete, you will see a message saying type sudo runuser -u _gvm {command}, the command being either gvm-feed-update or greenbone-nvt-sync. Remove the runuser part of the command and it would look like this sudo -u _gvm greenbone-nvt-sync. You can also run greenbone-certdata-sync, greenbone-scapdata-sync, and greenbone-feed-sync --type GVMD_DATA/CERT/SCAP. Once you have run those commands, I recommend running sudo gvm-stop, then sudo gvm-start as long as sudo gvm-check-setup has not returned any errors. Your browser should open automatically to the sign-in page, remember that Password I said to save, this is where you use it with the username admin. You can change this once you are logged in. This Live Demo Page and your Feed Status page should be the same.