Gvm-script not found

Hi Lukas,
Thank you for your answer.

I installed the gvm-tools from here: https://github.com/greenbone/gvm-tools
However, when I run gvm-script I get this error: bash: gvm-script: command not found
Any idea what might be causing this?


That an example script you have to write :wink:

Please check out how to do this in Python at:

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I’ve split the gvm-script question into a new topic because it is unrelated to the original topic.

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If you did install gvm-tools via pip install gvm-tools to got the 2.0beta1 release which does not include the gvm-script command line utility. The gvm-script tool is only available in the master branch yet but will be included in the final 2.0 release. Until the final release you can use the gvm-pyshell tool.

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Is it with the gvm-pyshell tool possible to make commands like that?

gvm-script -c /…/etc/gvm-tools.conf ssh
–hostname $USER1$/check-gmp.gmp -F $HOSTADDRESS$

As I wrote in the other thread remote access doesn’t work out of the box. You have to do the setup for remote access by yourself. Neither SSH or TLS work out of the box if you don’t use a Greenbone appliance (GSM).

I have a ssh connection from my CheckMK Server to my Greenbone Server, but as i understand it right, its at the moment not possible to run a command like that right?:
check-gmp.gmp -H -u $USER5$ -w $PW5 --status -T SQL_Server --last-report -F $HOSTADRESS$

okay, i found out that i have to install it direct from master-branch…