Gvm-script: command not found

Hi everyone,
on my nagios (check_mk), i installed gvm-tools from the master-branch (tried another branch before).
I couldnt install it via pip install --user gvm-tools , so i used pip3 install --user gvm-tools instead, which worked.

If i try to run gvm-script I get this error: bash: gvm-script: command not found.
I cant figure out where the problem is.

best regards,


pip install --user installs Python packages into ~/.local/lib/python<version>/site-packages e.g. ~/.local/lib/python3.7/site-packages. The runable scipts are put into ~/.local/bin. Sadly this directory may not be in your PATH. To add ~/.local/bin to your path run export PATH=$PATH:$USER/.local/bin in your current shell. To include this PATH permanently you can add the export line to your shell config file e.g. ~/.bashrc.