GVM Release Version 21.4.4

Hi all!

The current version of Greenbone Vulnerability Management is GVM 21.4.4, released on Feb 22, 2022.

Major Changes:

The Greenbone Security Assistant HTTP server package (gsad) is new. It was formerly a part of the Greenbone Security Assistant (gsa) module and they are now separate modules.

The OSP (Open Scanner Protocol) package (ospd) is no longer a separate module and has been merged with the package ospd-openvas.

Minor Changes:


Please Note:

Mixing components from different releases is not supported and may result in unknown and even broken behavior.

Current version numbers of the source code releases and repository links:

Source code home is: https://github.com/greenbone
Prior release announcement here: GVM 21.04 (stable, initial release 2021-04-16)

Hints for Installing from Source Code

Current source build documentation

For installation from source code, it is recommended and assumed that you are familiar with the procedure to build and install software from the actual source code. Please be sure to read the files README.md and INSTALL.md

Typically you will need to install various missing dependencies such as development libraries and helper utilities. The configuration process tries to help you to find out about what is missing.

If you run into trouble, search the category Source Code Edition for a solution and if not found, please raise your question there in the forum.


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