GVM Protocol connection with Axoniius


I’ve been searching for a method to connects the Axionus adapters functionality whith my instance of Openvas, hosted on a Kali Linux 2021.1 as it show on the documentation:

But I have a problem of connection time out, even when the hosts were in the same network and dont have any firewall or something to filter and drop the traffic. My guess is that the Openvas dont have support for GMP, since the agent on axionus tried to connect using the gvm_protocol.

Does anyone have successfuly configurate this addapter on the axionus, or can tell me if Openvas has this support at all ? Because if its the case of no having support I think that will be necessary use a Virtual Appliance of GSM.

Obs: I have permit all TCP traffic coming of the axionus server using Iptables, and when I do an tcpdump no package are droped.