GVM on Mac don't Scan all hosts

After build Gvm in debian i ran into a mac pc with virtual box … in this case gvm scanned only mac host and not other but i know in that network there are already three hosts … possible mac block something?
How to know? Happend only in mac os …

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Hi @Daniel770 ,

First of all welcome to the community.
You can try to make some checks:

  1. Make sure you choosed the connection type (Bridged Adapter)
  2. Select the same adapter you use to connect the mac to the network
  3. Try to ping from debian to another computer in your network to make sure that there’s connection between the debian machine and the hosts
  4. Also make sure to ensure that the IP range you’re specifying reachs all hosts you’re trying to scan. e.g. depends on the class type you’re using if it is C for target you can type “192.168.x.0/24” without quotes where x is the octet that represents your network to scan all hosts in the network



Thx a lot for reply