Gvm-libs 10 / 11 - latest release branch gpgme compilation error

Hi there,

Strange thing; when I try to compile gvm-libs latest RELEASE branch, I get the following error:

[ 51%] Building C object util/CMakeFiles/gvm_util_shared.dir/gpgmeutils.c.o
/opt/gvm/src/gvm-11/gvm-libs-gvm-libs-11.0/util/gpgmeutils.c: In function ‘create_all_certificates_trustlist’:
/opt/gvm/src/gvm-11/gvm-libs-gvm-libs-11.0/util/gpgmeutils.c:437:63: error: ‘struct _gpgme_key’ has no member named ‘fpr’
g_string_append_printf (trustlist_content, “%s S\n”, key->fpr);
util/CMakeFiles/gvm_util_shared.dir/build.make:134: recipe for target ‘util/CMakeFiles/gvm_util_shared.dir/gpgmeutils.c.o’ failed
make[2]: *** [util/CMakeFiles/gvm_util_shared.dir/gpgmeutils.c.o] Error 1
CMakeFiles/Makefile2:172: recipe for target ‘util/CMakeFiles/gvm_util_shared.dir/all’ failed
make[1]: *** [util/CMakeFiles/gvm_util_shared.dir/all] Error 2

This happens with both gvm-10 and gvm-11.

If now I compile latest STABLE branch of both gvm-libs-10, gvm-libs-11 compilation works without issues. Am I messing up something ?

Thanks !

Hi tatooin, I get exactly the same issue as you. I downloaded git source directories yesterday and I installed everything on Debian Jessie.

Did you do something else to solve this issue apart downloading new git sources which doesn’t worked for me?

Thanks :slight_smile:

According to the following posting a newer gpg library is required:

Hi Galen,

I confirm. You can forget building latest gvm git version under Linux Mint 18 or similar. You need to upgrade your gpg libraries, which will ultimately require you to upgrade to Linux Mint 19 (or similar).