GVM ERROR: sh: 1: gvm-script: not found

Can someone please help me what are reasons for getting “sh: 1: gvm-script: not found”. I have installed gvm-tools using pip though I am getting this error

Which command did you run to install gvm-tools? It is very likely that you did install gvm-tools into your user home directory and that the executables aren’t in your current PATH.

Therefore check ~/.local/bin and adjust your PATH environment variable accordingly.


Thank for your reply, gvm script is in ~/.local/bin . What should I do because I am running gvm-script command in xamp which is in opt/lampp/htdocs/scan. So how should I adjust my gvm-script path.

I don´t think what you are trying to do is possible in any way. You plan to build a web-interface. You should direct talk from your web service GMP. GVM-Tools calling from a web-server are usually a high security risk and against all best web-application practices.

Please do not even think about calling a shell script from a web-application.


Can you please guide me how can I set the path or you can tell me while first time installion of gvm tools in which path ideally it should be installed so that gvm script error does not occur.

export PATH=$PATH:~/.local/bin but to be clear this is very very basic Unix knowledge on completely out of scope.

If you don’t know how to install Python software and the different installation directories (system global, user local, virtual envs) you should do a step back and learn more about that. Additionally If you don’t know what the PATH is you might not have an understanding of Unix permissions and command execution. In that case you shouldn’t never ever run a web server!


Thanks for your reply, I have posted another error related to gvm-tools. please guide me on that too