GVM-CLI / XML Parsing Setting filter for max shown results in XML report

Hi community,

I’m fetching reports with the command line tool gvm-cli. If I fetch a single report by @report_id attribute I can also set the @filter attribute. This works well and all results are shown:

“<get_reports report_id=”$REPORT_ID" filter=“rows=0 sort=severity levels=$FILTER” />"

Is there a way, to include all resultes (not just 10) if I fetch ALL reports with just:

“<get_reports/>” ?

Because the resulting XML only contains 10 results (response XML: ) per report.

Thank you!

should be

<get_reports report_id="$uuid" filter="rows=-1"/>


<get_reports report_id="$uuid" ignore_pagination="1"/>

Thank you!
ignore_pagination=“1” without report_id="$uuid" did the trick for unfiltered reports!

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