Gvm-cli usage with Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL 22.04

I have Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL 22.04 installed on virtual machine from official image provided on website Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL 14 days for free - Greenbone. I also installed gvm-tools on my host Windows system and trying to use gvm-cli with ssh and tls options:
gvm-cli --gmp-username --gmp-password tls --hostname <greenbone_os_vm_ip> --xml “<get_tasks/>”
gvm-cli --gmp-username --gmp-password ssh --hostname <greenbone_os_vm_ip> --xml “<get_tasks/>”
But i have an connection refused error with this commands: ERROR:gvmtools.cli:Couldn’t establish a connection to fetch the remote server key: [WinError 10061]

Question: How can i configure and use gmv-cli with Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL 22.04?

Hello dronovden08, and welcome to the Greenbone community!

The Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL does not support the GMP API, and thus it cannot be remote controlled via gvm-tools. The reason for this is that it is only a short-term demo and not a full-fledged vulnerability management solution.

The rest of our enterprise appliance lineup fully supports the GMP API. If you are interested in testing and purchasing an appliance, please contact our sales team.

Alternatively, you can check out our community edition, either via the Community Containers or by Building from Source.