Gvm-cli socket unsupported version of GMP 22.4

gvm-cli socket --socketpath /tmp/gvm/gvmd/gvmd.sock --pretty --xml “<get_version/>”
Remote manager daemon uses an unsupported version of GMP. The GMP version was 22.4.

Should I run docker Greenbone Community Containers 21.4?

No. GMP 22.4 should be supported in the latest version of python-gvm - see python-gvm/gmp.py at main · greenbone/python-gvm · GitHub
Maybe you are not using the latest version of python-gvm / gvm-tools?


I’m using Greenbone Community Containers 22.4 with docker-compose. Also I installled with pip on ubuntu 22.04
Python 3.10.4
pip 22.0.2
What should ı do. greenbone Container 21 can’t download report because of report format option.