Gvm-cli giving me "Response Error 400. Bogus command name". What can be the issue?

Hello everyone. I am running into an issue in creating a target with gvm-cli which gives an error. I am using ospd-openvas for my commands and I run the command like so:
gvm-cli --protocol OSP socket --sockpath $GVM_INSTALL_PREFIX/var/run/ospd.sock --xml "<create_target><name>Suspect Host</name><hosts></hosts></create_target>".

And the error shows this: Response Error 400. Bogus command name

Following the documentation here at the bottom, I can either be denied access or my command is inputted incorrectly with the OSP.

My environment uses Ubuntu 20.04, and the libraries I have installed are as follows:
gvm_libs: 20.8.0
openvas_scanner: 20.8.0
ospd: 20.8.0
ospd_openvas: 20.8.0

I appreciate any help anyone can do for me.

Issue has been resolved. Certain commands were unneeded in our build that we were using.