Gvm cli command to schedule a task

I found an example to schedule a task with this command:
gvm-cli --gmp-username=admin --gmp-password=pass tls --xml <modify_task task_id=‘f6f69f06-ef35-4c8e-9040-08cd85ac3ae9’>< schedule>< period>Once< /period><first_time>2023-07-17T12:44:00.000Z</first_time>< /schedule></modify_task>
i get the response: <modify_task_response status=200 status_text=OK/>
but the task don’t start at the specified time, i appreciate any help thank you.
the whitespaces inside the tags are only for the answer and they’re not present in the command

I believe that the gvm-cli --xml option accepts XML that essentially works the same as the functions python-gvm. If we look a the modify_task() function in python-gvm you can see that it doesn’t really accept the <period> as you are setting it.

Can you say where you get the XML format/functions you used to build the XML that you are submitting?