GVM-22.5.0 on KALI 2023.3

Plaese HELP. trable Step 4:
└─$ sudo gvm-check-setup
gvm-check-setup 22.5.0
Test completeness and readiness of GVM-22.5.0
Step 1: Checking OpenVAS (Scanner)…
OK: OpenVAS Scanner is present in version 22.7.5.
OK: Notus Scanner is present in version 22.6.0.
OK: Server CA Certificate is present as /var/lib/gvm/CA/servercert.pem.
Checking permissions of /var/lib/openvas/gnupg/*
OK: _gvm owns all files in /var/lib/openvas/gnupg
OK: redis-server is present.
OK: scanner (db_address setting) is configured properly using the redis-server socket: /run/redis-openvas/redis.sock
OK: the mqtt_server_uri is defined in /etc/openvas/openvas.conf
OK: _gvm owns all files in /var/lib/openvas/plugins
OK: NVT collection in /var/lib/openvas/plugins contains 12908 NVTs.
OK: The notus directory /var/lib/notus/products contains 446 NVTs.
Checking that the obsolete redis database has been removed
Could not connect to Redis at /var/run/redis-openvas/redis-server.sock: No such file or directory
OK: No old Redis DB
OK: ospd-openvas service is active.
OK: ospd-OpenVAS is present in version 22.6.0.
Step 2: Checking GVMD Manager …
OK: GVM Manager (gvmd) is present in version 22.9.0.
Step 3: Checking Certificates …
OK: GVM client certificate is valid and present as /var/lib/gvm/CA/clientcert.pem.
OK: Your GVM certificate infrastructure passed validation.
Step 4: Checking data …
OK: SCAP data found in /var/lib/gvm/scap-data.
ERROR: CERT data are missing.
FIX: Run the CERT synchronization script greenbone-feed-sync.
sudo greenbone-feed-sync --type cert.

ERROR: Your GVM-22.5.0 installation is not yet complete!

Please follow the instructions marked with FIX above and run this
script again.


└─$ sudo greenbone-feed-sync --type cert
Running as root. Switching to user ‘_gvm’ and group ‘_gvm’.
Trying to acquire lock on /var/lib/gvm/feed-update.lock
Acquired lock on /var/lib/gvm/feed-update.lock
⠙ Downloading CERT-Bund data from rsync://feed.community.greenbone.net/community/vulnerability-feed/22.04/cert-data/ to /var/lib/gvm/cert-data
rsync: read error: Connection reset by peer (104)
rsync error: error in socket IO (code 10) at io.c(806)
rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (611 bytes received so far)
rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(231)

Releasing lock on /var/lib/gvm/feed-update.lock

Your firewall seems to block rsync …

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this VM on HYPER-V and on host firewall status off

So your task is to figure out where the TCP RST is comming from :wink:

will it help you in more detail? Please.

You can search the forum for other discussions about this topic.

I think this answer is the most helpful

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will it help you in more detail? Please.