GVM 20.08 issue on Kali Linux 2021.1 after the upgrade of Linux distro

Hello Ladies and Gents,

Please, be so kind, I need your help, I had installed GVM 11 on Kali Linux 2020.3 on 3 different machines.
After upgrading Kali Linux from 2020.3 to 2021.1 release, GVM 11 hadn’t work anymore, and I tried to reinstall with the latest GVM 20.08.
I followed the below procedure from the below URL:

I failed on every machines that was upgraded to the latest version of Kali, and it seams that when I tried to install OpenVas, it doesn’t look like in the above blog picture related to apt install openvas, I mean there will be 451 MB of additional disk space will be used, in my case only 25 MB will be consumed.

And this is not the only issue, because when I try to run gvm-setup, no user admin and corresponding password aren’t generated, even if the setup continue to install and configure the rest of packages.

And it;s the same for all 3 machines with the Kali that was upgraded to the latest version.

But, I created a new virtual machine for the test, with the latest version of Kali Linux 2021.1, and I succeeded to install and configure the latest GVM 20.08 and OpenVAS is working perfectly on this machine, and I followed the same steps/procedure like in the above URL.

Yes, because, when I install from the command OpenVas, it looked like in the picture in the URL, that the space disk for OpenVas, it will be 451 MB instead of 25 MB like on the others 3 upgraded machines.

So, please, help me, with some advices, some workarounds, because once again, I simulated on Kali 2021.1 and I’m able to install and configure successfully OpenVas GVM 20.08, but on the other side, I don’t understand, why I’m not able to download the same packages on the upgraded Kali machines, and I failed with the installation and customization of OpenVas GVM on those machines.

Many thanks in advance

Hi, it is very very likely that your issue is caused by a mismatch of the installed postgres extension for gvmd and the install postgres version. This is a very common issue on Kali and has been reported here several times. Please search for Kali and Postgres. You should find several advises how to fix it.

Disclaimer: Greenbone isn’t involved in developing the Kali packages at all.

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