GVM 20.08 Interrupted Scan

Good night, dear

I have this problem below, I am trying to scan with only one host and an interruption is appearing at the time of the Scan.

I did the installation as Falk informed me, I’m in version 20.8, did anyone manage to fix it ??

tail /opt/gvm/var/log/gvm/gvmd.log -f
lib xml:WARNING:2021-02-05 18h42.16 -03:39731: End error: Erro na linha 1 caractere 1: Documento estava vazio ou apenas continha espaços
event task:MESSAGE:2021-02-05 18h42.16 -03:39731: Status of task teste (09f08d42-699b-4fb6-b8e7-9f87f2066a11) has changed to Stopped
md main:MESSAGE:2021-02-05 21h42.16 utc:44069: Greenbone Vulnerability Manager version 20.08.1~git-ac619bdd-gvmd-20.08 (GIT revision ac619bdd-gvmd-20.08) (DB revision 233)
util gpgme:MESSAGE:2021-02-05 21h42.16 utc:44074: Setting GnuPG dir to ‘/opt/gvm/var/lib/gvm/gvmd/gnupg’
util gpgme:MESSAGE:2021-02-05 21h42.16 utc:44074: Using OpenPGP engine version ‘2.2.12’
event task:MESSAGE:2021-02-05 18h49.40 -03:44431: Status of task teste (ebb922ae-20f8-4160-8cbe-e9daa9db8b2d) has changed to Requested
event task:MESSAGE:2021-02-05 18h49.40 -03:44431: Task teste (ebb922ae-20f8-4160-8cbe-e9daa9db8b2d) has been requested to start by admin
event task:MESSAGE:2021-02-05 18h49.53 -03:44434: Status of task teste (ebb922ae-20f8-4160-8cbe-e9daa9db8b2d) has changed to Queued
event task:MESSAGE:2021-02-05 18h49.58 -03:44434: Status of task teste (ebb922ae-20f8-4160-8cbe-e9daa9db8b2d) has changed to Running
event task:MESSAGE:2021-02-05 18h50.18 -03:44434: Status of task teste (ebb922ae-20f8-4160-8cbe-e9daa9db8b2d) has changed to Interrupted

Please avoid hijacking other topics and always create a new one for a complete different unrelated question. Therefore I’ve split you message into a new topic.

The issue you are facing is already known but sadly it is very very difficult to reproduce. For details see https://github.com/greenbone/ospd-openvas/issues/335

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