GVM 20.08 detect only 1% of vulnerabilities GVM 11 did

I have reinstalled recently GVM and build last stable version which is 20.8.
Everything seems to work beside scanning, which return only log information

Scanner: OpenVAS default
scan config: full and fast
port list: All IANA assigned TCP

feed status:

scan results:

while I am sure i got vulnerable instances of nginx running just to check the results on GVM.

Can anyone give me a hint how to make GVM 20 works?

Did you migrate or done a new installation ?

Sometime the migration breaks with the permission of the scan-configurations that are part of the GVMD Data synced via feed.

I did new installation on brand new virtual machine.

So there are many things to check, i would start with in the following order:

  1. Your host (firewall active, NAT, PAT …)
  2. Alive criteria / Scan Configuration
  3. Credentials
  4. Logins
  5. Log results from the scan …
  1. I perform testing on my localhost without any restriction for network conenctivity
  2. I did test each type of alive criteria (including consider alive) and scan configuration
    3.4. I use black box without credentials and logins
  3. logs from gvmd, ospd-scanner and openvas doesnt contain any information about errors

I really don’t knew where to start digging ;( I have a feeling that only host discovery plugin works and nothing more is run (nmap is available for gvm user), is there a way if beside nvt and cve loaded any test scenarios (plugins) are available?

Are any scan-logs (results with the level Log) ? What did they say.

I think your setup is broken. I would consider to try ta GSM TRIAL VM and see if you get any results there.

For the VM use a bridged connection.

Then you can try to setup your system again. GVM is a complex tool with many interactions with the OS and the environment you are running on. Points to look in are host hardening, permissions, etc …

To bring this discussion down to earth @siewer if you can reproduce the behavior by using our GSM Trial VM it would be very helpful. Otherwise it is very likely that the issue is caused by your specific environment and configuration. Because there are so many different environments out there with different setups and used libraries we can’t invest time to debug this issue without the issue is reproducible with the GSM Trial.