GVM-10 Versioning and databases


I have been reading around and I have some doubts regarding versioning, naming and databases being used.

  1. GVM is the name used to describe the collection of manager, scanners and interface?
    Their particular versions are v8.0.1 for the manager and interface whereas the scanner is 6.0.1?

  2. GVM-10 is the latest version according to this post. However, INSTALL.md of manager (gvmd) says the following:

GVM-10 was last release where gvmd supports SQLite. GVM-11 supports exclusively PostgreSQL. If you worked with SQLite before and want to keep your data, you need to migrate the data to PostgreSQL.

Is there a GVM-11 or this is just a mistake?

  1. The overall architecture from GVM-10 is the same as in GVM-9?

I know these doubts are too little to deserve attention but it helps ordering some ideas.
Thanks in advance

That’s correct. We are trying to keep the GVM-10 release page up to date.

Because you are comparing different things. The master branch always contains the newest development branch. Currently master has been updated to contain the next next version for GVM 20.04 which will be called gvmd 20.04.

Not yet. But it will be released in the next weeks. See this post for some background about our release schedules. An up to date version of our release schedule can be found here. See this topic for a map of GOS to GVM versions.

Personally I would tend to say no. We renamed a lot of components and got a complete new GSA (our web application). A short list of notable changes can be found at the initial release announcement.


This means, f.i. if we want to have a GVM 10 running we need to have to get the versions shown here. Otherwise, it might not work.

Thank you for the quick answers and clarifications.

Yes that’s exactly the purpose of that page.

To be precise, it will not work! If you mix releases and/or different branches GVM will always break or behave unexpectedly.

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