GVM-10, Securing NVT Sync

I’ve been reading about how NVT synchronization works and I was wondering if there’s any way to secure that connection to the feed.

It would be quite important as it would be used in a production environment.

I don’t know if it could be possible to tunnel the connection or use a proxy for rsync.

Thank you all in advance!

What exactly do you want to secure the connection against?

As for your question regarding the proxy: That’s possible (we’re using Squid here)

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Buy a Greenbone Appliance, the GSF can by synced trough a proxy and the channel is encrypted and signed, not clear text like the community feed. The community feed is good enough for SME/HOME use, for everything else i would suggest thinking about a commercial open source solution :wink:

Isn’t it possible to encrypt the connection without having to resort to a payment appliance?

I would like to run the service in a business environment but there is no possibility of resorting to the purchase of the appliance.