GVM 10 Release

We are happy to announce the new release of Greenbone Vulnerability Management version 10 (GVM-10). GVM is developed for and as part of the commercial product line Greenbone Security Manager. GVM is developed by Greenbone and licensed as Free Software/Open Source.

The source code modules are summarized with downloaded links here:

GVM is published as regularly updated and tested source code releases, the Greenbone Source Edition (GSE). As already announced, the development at Greenbone will shift to time-based releases. We are going to release two new major versions of Greenbone OS every year. These two release dates will be April 30th and October 31st. In the future, the source code releases (GSE) will happen approximately one month before the GOS releases.

Notable changes

  • GVM component names got a rebranding towards Greenbone e.g. gvmd instead of openvasmd
  • A completely rewritten GSA web application
  • Scanner only code from openvas-libraries got merged into openvas-scanner
  • ical support for schedules
  • New feature remediation tickets
  • Support for bulk tagging
  • Ownerless global objects
  • Multiple configurable main dashboards
  • Improved alerts (email encryption, Alemba vFire support, SMB directory handling)
  • Policy-VTs are now reporting a severity by default
  • The default nmap port scanning timing has been updated from -T3 to -T4 as recommended in the nmap man pages

Source Code Release

A final release for gvm-tools 2.0 with support for the GMP version 8.0 in python-gvm will follow in the next month.

Installing Source Code

For installation from source code, it is recommended and assumed that you are familiar with the procedure to build and install software from the actual source code.

Both procedures, building from source code release and building from source code repository follow the same common way.

After download enter each main directory and follow the instructions in the “INSTALL” and “README” files.

Typically you will need to install various missing dependencies such as development libraries. The configuration process tries to help you to find out about what is missing.


Please take a look at Hints for migration to GVM 10 too

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