GVM-10: gvmd --rebuild missing?

I have a fresh install of OpenVAS 10 installed on Ubuntu 18.04 (installed using the steps in: https://launchpad.net/~mrazavi/+archive/ubuntu/gvm). After running a new vulnerability scan I’m getting 0 results that had 30+ results using OpenVAS 9 just last week. After looking at others with this problem it sounded like running gvmd (fka openvasmd) --rebuild sometimes resolved it, but I’m getting the following error:

$ gvmd --rebuild
(gvmd:20734): md   main-CRITICAL **: 18:52:42.604: main: g_option_context_parse: Unknown option --rebuild

Is rebuild no longer available via gvmd? If so, what should I do to troubleshoot why I’m not getting results? Also if not, the man docs still have it as an available option as an FYI.

The Changelog of the current GVMd mentions the following:

The gvm daemon automatically detects new SCAP and CERT data as well as when new
NVTs are available from the OpenVAS Scanner and will load/update the database
accordingly. Therefore the --rebuild, --update and --progress options have
been removed.

If required it is still possible to trigger a rebuild of the manager via SQL commands: