GVM-10 can't manually run schedule tasks

On previous version the schedule task could be run manual, this version doen’t permit it was a good feature.


It’s still possible to start a task with an attached schedule. The icon is, as before, in the Detailed Task View.
In GVM 10 you need an additional click to open the Detailed Task View however.
In the Task View
Web GUI > Scans > Tasks
you can see the list of all tasks. If a schedule is attached to a task the “start task”-button is hidden by the schedule icon.
Clicking on a task name will open the new Task Preview. Here you’ll find a magnifier icon. Clicking it will get you to the old Detailed Task View. Here you’ll find the “start task”-button in the same place as in GVM 9.


That is satisfying. Wouldn’t want to miss that feature.

Yes, that’s good, to bad that it’s not easy accesible because when tasks fail and you need to rerun it multiple time the button is to deep…