Guide how to install OpenVAS

hello community, I want to install OpenVAS and faced some problems.

  1. I see here is verison 21.4 which is considered EOL, but I tried Debian,Kali,Parrot now also Ubuntu and no one has the latest version in their repos
  2. not taking into account that it is EOL, I wanted to run it and the output is as follows. FIX: Please install OpenVAS Scanner but I have checked and make sure that I have OpenVAS Scanner installed and configured, there is some information about ERROR in the picture but I can’t understand what to do
  3. if it is impossible to configure this, can you provide a material that explains how to install and configure OpenVAS?


the Kali packagers are also doing the packages for Debian and therefore also for Ubuntu. Can’t say anything about Parrot. Kali contains nearly up to date packages for the Greenbone Community Edition. Sadly these packages aren’t included in Debian and Ubuntu automatically and both ship with end of life versions and even brocken packages.

We (Greenbone) are not involved in packaging our software for any Linux distribution. This is up to the packagers. Means we are not responsible for the quality or state of that packages or have any influence in the process of creating the packages. That the same as for nearly all other free and open source software shipped via distribution packages.

This may be caused by broken distribution packages. For getting this fixed you need to contact the packagers of the distribution and create a report in their issue tracker.

Greenbone provides an extensive documentation on using the Community Edition from container images and building the Community Edition from source on Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and CentOS. See Greenbone Community Documentation