GSM trial vulnerability scanning

I have GSM-TRIAL-21.04.4-VirtulBox installed.

We have a proprietary devices that we work on. The infrastructure is like this, There’s a box that has 2 softwares. One of the softwares is outside facing and another is hidden from outside and is only accessible via router which is also inside the box. I can scan software that’s facing outside, however I want to continue scanning all the way up until the second(hidden) software. How can I do that?

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In the user guide

there is a section on managing targets (10.6), and that might help with configuring for your setup. Please let us know. Thanks!

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Thank you for the reply. The document does not provide what I need.
Please, if you could help, here’s what I need…
Scan 2 targets in one go, both targets have different credential.

You’re welcome and here’s some more info:

A scan/task is connected to exactly one target. The target specifies the hosts and networks to be scanned and the credentials are connected to that target. And a scan/task cannot use different credentials for different hosts and networks. You’ll need to split that into separate tasks and targets.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thanks so much! That helps.


Thank you and glad to hear it! :grinning: