GSM Trial Virtual Appliance only using 2 cpu cores

Hello! I am in the process of evaluating GSM using the 20.08 Trial virtual appliance. As I have a powerful workstation, I made a VMware workstation machine with 6 cores and 16 GB of ram to install the GSM Trial on. After having installed GSM and been using it for a bit, I notice the virtual machine only uses 2 vcpu, and the host machine verifies this. I have tried both to lower and raise the core count on the VM, but result is the same. I am using Windows 10 20H2 and VMware Workstation 16. As I am needing to make a decision on a quote I requested to buy the licensed version, I need to make sure I can solve this strange issue before I buy. Any suggestions ?

Bigger virtual appliances require a Greenbone VM License, you can contact a Greenbone Partner to get a virtual evaluation appliance that uses more RAM and CPU for 2 weeks free of charge.

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Thanks for such a fast reply. Wait, so this is an artificial limitation put in place on purpose? That is a really weird business strategy.

Why ?

GSM Trial is for SME and home-user to try out our technology. The complete GSE is open source, you can set it up as you like.
If you plan to go with a appliance you can contact any Greenbone Business Partner to ask for a (virtual) appliance or compile it on your own without any support.

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Hello! Thanks for reply. I understand this. It is just strange to me why there would be an artificial limitation put in place on an open source virtual machine. Especially as I am trying to evaluate its capabilities and performance before I spend almost 18K Euro. I might go for the source edition instead. At least now I know it is not a bug, which is a relief. Thank you.

GOS is not open source, our scan framework is.

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GOS is literally just debian/ubuntu, which is open source.

GOS is different, it orchestrates the OS even if it looks like Linux, it is very different in configuration, functionality and support. You are free to setup your own system with GSE and Debian :wink:

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Thanks for your reply! Also, thanks for suggesting the source version, I didn’t really think about that one initially. I downloaded the source yesterday and compiled it. I now have it setup on a 32 core threadripper. Scanner goes BRRRRRR :slight_smile:

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That is the power of free software :wink: Enjoy …