GSM Trial Not Scanning

Recently download the 20.08.07 GSM Trial to see a baseline report of our environment. I’ve imported the OVA into ESX and deployed the VM. I’m able to log into the web interface. I created a Target list, simple /24, and tried to run a ‘Base’ and ‘Discovery’ scan and it unable to find hosts. I’ve also noticed my feed is not able to update, they’re showing over 30 days old.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Hello mptosoh, welcome to the Greenbone Community!

Please try to update the feed by logging in to the administrative GOS interface via the hypervisor console or SSH, and then running the “Maintenance > Feed > Update” menu action.

You need to ensure that the GSM TRIAL has direct internet connectivity, and that it can reach our server at via rsync. VPN, NAT, or firewall rules may interfere with this.

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