GSM on VirtualBox VM

I am evaluating openVAS, I have installed gsm on Oracle VirtulBox.
I find that the gsm guest receives DHCP address in the subnet
For some reason I need this to be assigned from subnet.
How to do that?


If the VM has VB host-only adapter, you can change the VB DHCP server settings with VB global tools. If you have bridged adapter, the VM gets the IP from DHCP server in your local LAN.

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Thanks aylatalo,

The VM (debian) has only NAT adapter. Found that the eth0 interface on the VM is configured for dhcp, the dhcp server ip is (as shown by dhclient -v command). The ip assigned to VM is

I want to know from where this dhcp server is running.


Please, have a look at -> 9.11.1. Configuring the address of a NAT network interface

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Not related to GCE.

Hi @yateen

as @aylatalo has pointed out this is a VirtualBox configuration / setup topic which is out of the scope of this community portal and so it was closed for now.

Please follow the VirtualBox manual previously posted or get in touch with the VirtualBox community at to get help on this topic.