GSM on Hyper-V


Is there a way to install a GSM as Hyper-V virtual machine? The new iso (gsm-trial-20.08.4.iso) isn’t booting there… :frowning: It works without problems on previous versions. It seems, that it is something with secure EFI booting. Is it possible that you give us an ISO without UEFI, or sign it with Microsoft keys DB?
Maybe is it possible to create a VM on VirtualBox and then convert to Hyper-V? I was trying that (creating vhd and coping to hyper-v), but it also doesn’t boot.

No legacy boot is dropped, and only UEFI is supported.
Please switch to the 2nd Generation of Hyper-V they do support UEFI boot as well.

If your Hypervisor does have issues with UEFI you need yo switch to a different one.

If your VM BIOS is not supported, a conversation does not help at all.

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