GSM feed update

I have newly installed GSM Trial 21.4.9. and my feed is tool old. Im trying to update it by following How to update/keep the feed up to date? ,This is how I had been doing on my previous version, however, this time I’m unable to perfrm this action. With sudo “Permission denied” and without sudo " use is not allowed to execute as root on".

Please advise.

On GSM appliances, you must use the Greenbone OS Administration menu to update the feed. The process is documented here: 7 Managing the Greenbone Operating System — Greenbone Security Manager (GSM) 21.04.9 documentation


Thanks for the reply.
That’s what I did but it didn’t update. Then I tried to update ‘nvt’, ‘certdata’, and ‘scapdata’ ib Greenbone OS Administration…but it isn’t letting me either. Please see the output in image below

The shell commands you used are not supported on the Greenbone Security Manager. They are blocked on purpose and the output you posted is the expected behaviour. Please only use the Greenbone OS Administration menu to update the feed.

If updating the feed does not work, the problem needs to be analyzed:

First, make sure that your GSM TRIAL is directly connected to the internet and that it can resolve the domain name Using a shared proxy or shared VPN can cause problems, see the second point below.

Second, to prevent abuse of our free service, we limit the number of connections to the Greenbone Community Feed server. If you make more than 10 connections from the same IP address within 1 minute, or if you try to connect multiple times in parallel, the IP address will be blocked for 24 hours. If this is the case, try again after 24 hours.

Last but not least, running a feed update will take some time to finish. After you have started it from the menu, check regularly in the “About” menu to see if it is still in progress, and do not power off your GSM TRIAL during this time.


Question: Why are you using non-standard port 873. Have you brought your RSS offline? My GSM TRIAL is directly connected to the internet but I can’t resolve the domain name What can I do?

Also, Do I have to have a subscription key?

Is it the standard port for RSYNC the protocol we use for delta updates and fast synchronization.

I would add a DNS Server to the configuration for resolving that hostname.

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So, I have checked everything at my end, DNS and everything but still cant seem to resolve Hence no feed update and my feed update is quiet old.

Could you provide me with step wise instructions? I, frankly don’t see anything wrong here.

Some queries

  1. Is your feed offline?
  2. Could don’t you have common ports open for the feed like 80 or 443?



Please note RSYNC != HTTP that is a different protocol with a different default (well known) port.
You need to allow RSYNC within your firewall to access the feed server.

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