GSM CE 5.0.7 Missing Features


I just upgraded to GSM CE 5.0.7 and it seems that many previously available features are missing:

  • There doesn’t appear to be an option to enable the Superuser account
  • There doesn’t appear to be an Expert Networking option
  • These two issues combined makes it impossible to configure VLAN interfaces, since I cannot edit /etc/networking/interfaces directly
  • No HTML export function for reports
  • No option to assign notes / overrides directly to found issues

For the moment, it would seem that I will have to go back to 4.2.24. Not happy about it, since I like the streamlined interface for v5, but these issues are deal breakers for me.

Indeed the “Expert Network” was removed in GOS 5 in general. There is an advanced network configuration in our commercial GSMs. The removal of Superuser was by intention for the GCE.

About notes and overrides: If you are on a details page for a result, there are icons to add a note or a override in the icon bar.

We offer to build/assemble GSE (source codes) of GVM-10 on your own to get the GOS 5 Web-UI. See the downloads here:

We also offer a commercial product family of GSM appliances which have the additional benefit to connect the GSF instead of just GCF. Since GOS 5 we even cover our MIDRANGE with a new set of virtual appliance products:

Product Comparison - Greenbone

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