GSE Versions vs GOS Versions

Thanks for making a product as great as OpenVAS!
I am compiling from source/GSE. I looked around for clarity on versioning but I’m a but confused on GOS vs. GSE.

How does GOS 4.3.11 compare to GVM 10/OpenVAS 6.0/GVM 8.0/GSA 8.0?
Are these the same things?
Are there features in GOS not in GSE besides the feed?


We are aware of the version naming scheme and that it has become pretty complicated. Greenbone is planning to improve the situation by introducing a single version scheme across all products and elements.

GOS is far more than GSE. GOS is a full operating system with appliance management integration. GSE is the source codes of the central application stack, not a full operating system.

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as @jan already mentioned we are aware that the versioning of our software is difficult to understand from the outside. We have already started to improve the situation. First of all we switched to time-based releases where we only have major and bugfix releases.

The GVM releases will be done approximately one month before each new GOS release. Thus there will be no GOS 5.1 nor GVM 10.1.

GOS 4.x is GVM 9
GOS 5 will be based on GVM 10
GOS 6 will be based on GVM 11


Thanks to both @Jan and @bricks.
The GOS -> GVM table is what I was wondering about. That helped a lot.

Thanks again for the community support you are providing. You are making the underlying source better while also running a company.


I’ve added a section about the different versioning to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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