GSE Feedback-Donation

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Donation == Feedback

Please understand this donation as a feedback on what you already use in the
form of the Greenbone Source Edition (GSE). The GSE is our Open Source
contribution and free of charge. A donation neither provides you additional
rights nor can it buy certain features, service access or preferred support.
If you are seeking for any of these please become a regular Greenbone

Donation != Purchase/Payment

Please consider this a pure donation, not a purchase or payment. If you like … we
welcome you as customer via buying one of our products.

For what exactly do we use the donations?

Greenbone uses the donations as a weighted feedback to learn about
needs, what is liked and what is not liked. We will publish summaries and we might
refer to donators in case you allowed for this with your donation feedback.
We will spend the money to pay students developing Open Source.

Donation notes that help us

  • Where did you get the GSE (from source, from binary packages, with a open Linux distribution, from a vendor product) ?
  • Which version (gvm-9, gvm-10, …) do you refer to?
  • What do you like about GSE?
  • What don’t you like about GSE?
  • What is missing in GSE?
  • If you like: Can we opt to cite or contact you about your feedback?