GSE 22.4 multiple "Unsupported Transport Layer" errors in openvas.log when scanning

After having installed GSE 22.4 according to the instructions at Github, I get an error “unsupported transport layer” for every NVE in openvas.log. Scan seems to work (I’ll do further testing, though).
Is this a known error, or something in my build: GitHub - martinboller/gse: Bash script installing the latest version of Greenbone Vulnerability Manager, the artist formerly known as OpenVAS. Greenbone Source Edition is the world’s most used open source vulnerability management solution.
lib misc:MESSAGE:2022-10-27 17h47.48 utc:106437: open_stream_connection_ext(): unsupported transport layer 272 passed by /var/lib/openvas/plugins/pre2008/webcart_cmd_exec.nasl

Thanks :slight_smile: