Gsad service not starting in docker due to "type exec" in the systemd service

According to the build 22.4 documentation, there are four systemd service files that need to be created. All except for one of them have a type of “exec” in the service file. The one that doesn’t have this in particular is the gsad.service.

In my docker container, I’m able to successfully load the service for all of the other services, except for gsad. The error I get in particular when trying to start this service is:

root@5ef858ae2caf:/# systemctl start gsad.service                          
ERROR:systemctl: gsad.service: Failed to parse service type, ignoring: exec
ERROR:systemctl:unsupported run type 'exec'                                

Any chance this is just an issue with systemctl in docker? This is the only part of the entire build that appears to be failing for me. I find that changing the type to simple, it works, but not sure if that causes any problems down the road.,

Possible values for the service type are listed here If simple works for you feel free to change it. I don’t know if it makes any difference.

We have changed the type from forking to exec because users have reported issues with the startup several times (see for more details).


Gotcha. Thanks a lot @bricks!