I have successfully installed OpenVAS on Kali. The web UI is accessible. NVT , SCAP, and CERT feeds are synced. But GVMD_DATA is completely empty. Compliance Policies, Port Lists, Report Formats, and Scan Configs are completely empty. But I can locate these in /var/lib/gvm/data-objects/gvmd. There are 3 folders - 20.08, 21.04, 22.04 which have the GVMD-DATA.

My OpenVAS version is 22.4. Please help me fix this the sync error with GVMD_DATA. The gvm-check-setup show no errors. But do check the screenshots

As far as I know Kali only provides 21.4 and not 22.4? Are you really sure you installed 22.4? Just run for example gvmd --version for verification.

Besides that did you check /var/log/gvm/gvmd.log for errors?

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