GSA 9.0 user access permissions

Hi there.

I’m dealing with GSA 9.0 and see some strange permission policy by default: user with “admin” role has no privileges to view user list or clone scan config, etc. I created the issue on GitHub and wait for changes. But can someone show me a workaround for now? Is there a kind of “god mode” or permission settings magic which helps use GSA in its current state?

The role “Super Admin” gives “god mode”. With this role the user can see absolutely everything. Such a user can only be created with --create-user.

But you could also use the admin that created the user to give the user permission to see themself. On the GSA Permissions page click the new icon and create a permission with Name “get_users”, Subject the user, Resource Type “user” and Resource ID the user’s ID.


Thank God and @Matt for the “Super Admin” role! I can keep going with GSA now.