Group results by service

How can I group results by service (family)?

For example SSL or tomcat vulnerabilities can they be grouped into a issue sub list. I saw this behavior by nessus, it would help to get an overview about the core problems.

On the “Report”, I can open the tab “Applications” with a similar overview, but there is only the number of hosts, occurrences and Severity. There is no link to see which hosts are affected and the corresponding results?

Hi Meredith,

I guess this depends on what you mean by “group”. If you would like to produce separate reports for different families of vulnerabilities, you can use several filters to isolate scan results and the exported reports will only include items that match the filter.

Otherwise, you may want to create separate scan tasks for each your custom groups of vulnerability test. However, if you are referring to grouping a single scan’s results within the GSA web-interface into different categories, I think this feature does not currently exist.

By group, I would summarize all vulnerabilities belonging to a service. Only this service (for example an apache) needs to be updated to eliminate all related vulnerabilities.

It’s already sorted under “Applications”?
But unfortunately I can’t directly display the host names and associated vulnerabilities there.