Greenbone Virtual Appliance network namespaces

Hi all,

i am pretty new to Greenbone and OpenVAS.

We have bought the Greenbone virtual Appliance DECA.

In the Greenbone documentation i read some things about namespaces, namespace separation etc. (management and scan only). But only the Appliances 400/450/600/650 and 5400/6500 are mentioned.

So am i right that the namespaces are only available for hardware appliances, not for virtual appliances?

Thanks very much!

The hardware appliances, separate Management and Scan-Interfaces via Namespaces and hardware features, that is not available via virtual appliances.

With the hardware, you can have a internal management port, and a external scan-interface with a different outgoing IP address, on the VM your Hypervisor can be configures for such a setup.