Greenbone TRIAL sources.list is correct?

helo: i have an VM with Greenbone OS 22.04.9…
my sources.list file just have this line:
deb file:///run/repository jessie main

i have this recomendation for my sources.list file… it´s that ok?

Greenbone OS 22.04.9 - Base

“deb Index of /debian bullseye main contrib non-free”
“deb-src Index of /debian bullseye main contrib non-free”

Hello naoh, and welcome to the Greenbone Community!

This is the expected behaviour for the Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL, the file is just a placeholder file.

The TRIAL version does not support system upgrades, as it is intended only as a short-term demo appliance. Our commercial appliance lineup, which supports system upgrades, uses a Greenbone-specific sources.list.

If you are interested in maintaining and modifying your own Greenbone setup, we recommend using our Community Containers or Building from Source.