Greenbone sync tools not responding / hanging

Hi all,

I am trying to install GSE / OpenVAS on Debian stretch following this tutorial. However, once I try to update the databases, I run into problems.

When running greenbone-nvt-sync or greenbone-scapdata-sync I get no output and it seems like the processes are hanging / not responding / stalling.

At least for greenbone-nvt-sync I could get around this by enforcing only using curl: greenbone-nvt-sync --curl --verbose

For greenbone-scapdata-sync however, there is no such option to select curl. After some minutes of its invocation I receive:

rsync: safe_read failed to read 1 bytes [Receiver]: Connection timed out (110) rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(285) [Receiver=3.1.2]

How can I resolve this issue?

Are there any other ways of installing GSE / OpenVAS on Debian stretch?

Perhaps a silly question, but have you tried modifying the cron script to run the sync at a different/random time, or testing it manually? This resolved a similar problem for me. The community update servers frequently seemed to be overloaded at ‘round number’ times, presumably because many people are using similar instructions and all trying to pull updates at e.g. midnight EST, etc.

There are several topics about sync issues in this forum. Please use the search to find more hints. Most likely your firewall doesn’t allow rsync.

Also I’ve did a quick read of your linked tutorial. The mentioned links are heavily outdated. Please take a look at

for links to latest releases of the old stable (which you are using currently) or

for the latest stable release.

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Firewall or connectivity issue, please remove any firewall / nat restrictions.

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