Greenbone OS 5.0 enters New-Status

(Administrator note- this is has been updated in March 2023 to remove outdated links)

Meeting our ambitious new scheme of time-based release, GOS 5 is released on April 30th 2019.

GOS 5 reached the New-Status in the GOS lifecycle:

This means, from today any new shipped GSM ENTRY (MAVEN, ONE) and GSM SME (150, 150V) is based on GOS 5.

Currently, the new release is uploaded to our update servers. The update for GOS 4.3 that opens the migration to GOS 5 is already prepared and follows soon. The migrations from 4.3 to 5 will work seamless.

The changes coming with GOS 5 introduce a entirely new implementation of the user interface. While it looks familiar, we now use single page application technology with responsive design. However, the changes go beyond the user interface and introduce new scanning capabilities and new management features. All accompanied by several invisible conceptual structural advances. Finally we dropped some old features where we had superior alternatives in place already in GOS 4.

In short: The changes are comprehensive! Over 330 items were addressed by our developers.

GOS 5 for MIDRANGE and ENTERPRISE will follow on June 30th 2019. This split is a tribute to the ambitious transition to the time-based release scheme. Version 6 will finally cover all GSM families from the beginning and this will be October 31st 2019.