Greenbone OS 4.3 enters New-Status

Our designated LTS release for generation 4 now reached the New-Status
in the GOS lifecycle:

This means, since today any new shipped GSM ONE is based on GOS 4.3.

Step by step GOS 4.3 will support all other GSM models and in the same
way we will enable the migrations option in GOS 4.2. The migrations from 4.2
to 4.3 will work seamless.

The changes coming with GOS 4.3 take place in the basement and modernizes it for
long-term support. Neither the web-based user interface nor the API will change compared to GOS 4.2.
The GOS administration menu is reworked and most notably the ExpertNet functionality is substituted
by network namespace management, entirely configurable via the GOS administration menu.

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