Greenbone OS 4.2.25 released

For GOS 4.2 a new patch level is available:

This release primarily opens the door to upgrade any GSM model to GOS 4.3.

ATTENTION: Depending on your network infrastructure, switching to GOS 4.3 imposes a mandatory physical adjustment of any GSM 400 and above!

GOS 4.3 makes it mandatory to distinguish between management interfaces and scan interfaces. It is no longer possible to use the same interface (for example eth0) for both, administration via SSH and scanning. Upgrading to GOS 4.3 will make eth0 the management interface. If you only have one interface configured, scanning will not work anymore because the scanner has no permission to use this interface.

Unless you are using a terminal server and console access rather than SSH for the administration of the GSM, you need to attach a second network cable (for example to eth1) and configure this second interface to be the scan interface in the GOS administration.

The Greenbone Support team can assist with any question regarding this change and you can coordinate the date and time of the upgrade to prepare all necessary steps and have stand-by support.

For Master-Sensor setups, we have prepared extensive functionalities to automate the subsequent upgrades of sensors.

We recommend that you upgrade the GSM master appliance to GOS 4.3 first and then the sensors afterwards.

If you are unsure, please also coordinate the upgrade with the Greenbone Support team in this case.

In total the patch level 4.2.25 itself covers 1 improvement.

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