Greenbone OS 22.04.17 released

For GOS 22.04, a new patch level is available.

This release increases the strength of the encryption key used for credentials stored in the database from 2048-bit RSA to 3072-bit RSA. Existing credentials are automatically re-encrypted with the new key when upgrading to GOS 22.04.17 or later.

Several additional security fixes are also included, among them a fix for the recent “Terrapin” SSH vulnerability (CVE-2023-48795). Please note that to completely mitigate this attack, both the server and client software used must be updated to a fixed version.

On the user interface side, an option to filter for the compliance status was added to the Results page and to the Results tab of compliance reports.

Notice: Due to several performance improvements in the release, the GMP API version has been increased to 22.5. When accessing the GMP API of GOS 22.04.17 via clients, up-to-date, compatible versions have to be used, for example gvm-tools and python-gvm 24.1.0.

In total, GOS 22.04.17 covers 10 improvements, 8 bug fixes, and 6 security fixes. For a complete list of changes, see the Roadmap & Lifecycle page: