Greenbone OS 22.04.1 and Greenbone OS 21.04.21 released

For GOS 22.04 and GOS 21.04, new patch levels are available:

Both releases fix a major issue where the verification of the Greenbone Enterprise Feed failed on some appliances, subsequently causing scan tasks to also fail. This occured due to an error in the validation of a GPG certificate which protects users from unsigned content in the Greenbone Enterprise Feed. We apologize deeply, but can assure you that this not a security problem, but a problem caused by a security measure.

In addition, both releases include several security fixes that address current CVEs for third-party libraries included in GOS.

In total, GOS 22.04.1 covers 7 improvements and GOS 21.04.21 covers 4 improvements. For a complete list of changes, see the Roadmap & Lifecycle page:

GOS 22.04.1:

GOS 21.04.21: