Greenbone OS 21.04.23 released

For GOS 21.04, a new patch level is available:

The lifecycle status of GOS 21.04 was set to “end-of-life”.

Please note: While GOS 21.04 will remain functional and supported, it will receive a reduced number of patches that will be limited to critical fixes to core functionality and security issues. GOS 21.04 will reach the final end of its lifecycle and be retired on 2023-03-30.

The release fixes a problem where the filter keyword first was used twice for different filter functions and thus, filtering for tasks having a first report within a certain period of time was not possible. The release adds the new filter keywords first_report_created and last_report_created for filtering for the time of the first or last report respectively. They replace the previously documented keywords first and last, which are thereby deprecated for this use case and are now only used for pagination.

In addition, the release includes several security fixes that address current CVEs for third-party libraries included in GOS.

In total, GOS 21.04.23 covers 2 improvements and 8 security fixes. For a complete list of changes, see the Roadmap & Lifecycle page: